Pleased to Meet You

Through a little research , the Internet has told me that I should start by talking about myself. That means that here I will tell you about me. Despite how little I take pleasure in talking about myself, the internet is always right.

Try not to cringe, my friend.

I’m a 19 year old ‘gap-yah’ individual (but I’d prefer a gap-life a lot more) and any idea about my future is buried deep at this time.

I’m a bit of a minority though in that I’m working during this time rather than travelling to Indonesia, Thailand or Australia. But… I didn’t have the funds nor the patience to stay in England and earn them. Luckily, I have family living in the sun (which is what I was after) in Antigua, West Indies. So I buggered off there as soon as I could to spend time with my coveted and adventurous Aunt and Uncle for 3 months in order to avoid the start of the English winter.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

When I arrived in September it was hot, mosquito ridden and with hurricanes on the horizon. The season had not started yet either so it was very empty. In November things picked up with the imminent boat show and I got some courses so I could work on these incredible yachts.

This 3 month ‘taster’ was not nearly enough time in the sun so after a quick and lovely christmas at home I returned to Antigua for another 6 months in the new year, living on my own, living on boats, total independence was incredible.

My friends and I spent many days and nights complaining about no work, it was one of those no-experience-but-no-chance-to-get-it situations. Work came eventually and the experiences were incredible, my first time working and living with the same people, a lot of fun, distances travelled, lovely guests, etc. It was amazing meeting so many people and going so many different places. The caribbean is an incredible place.



Now I’m home with my family and oldest most wonderful friends, I’ve finally got a working laptop and a flight to Palma to continue the next season of my other life.

Down to the important stuff, why start a blog? Yachting is a very inconsistent lifestyle, with continuous job changing and out of work, friends disappearing off then coming back all the time. Its a revolving door of people and boats coming and going constantly. This is something I can do week in week out, steadily no matter how different my life is outside of it.

I will post as often as I can, yet about lot’s of different stuff. This is going to be a personal blog so the content will probably vary, but I have a few hobbies that might crop up more than once like photography, art and to do with my work life.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to and should read my posts, I’ll try my best to be all inclusive and appreciate anyone willing to read about my life! Do comment and express opinions, I’d love to hear them


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