Bucket List

This is my own list of things that I want to (and will) do before I die. I’ve made this list over a number of years and am really excited to crack on.

Take this as inspiration and start doing things you really want to do, why should you not fulfill your dreams?

abc = I DID IT!!

  1. Do a colour run
  2. Drive through Death Valley
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon
  4. Go to an Ice Bar
  5. Get my PADI license
  6. Visit the Pyramids of Giza
  7. Cross the atlantic ocean by boat
  8. Skydiving
  9. Have a white christmas
  10. Visit Norway to see the Northern Lights
  11. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
  12. Road trip through Europe
  13. Learn how to throw pottery
  14. See “The Lion King” in the west end
  15. Master meditation
  16. Take up Yoga
  17. Build a home
  18. Get paid to travel
  19. Be part of a flash mob
  20. Transform and live in a minivan
  21. Grow a veggie garden
  22. Get a tattoo
  23. Volunteer
  24. Learn another language
  25. Try kite surfing
  26. Try wind surfing
  27. Cliff jump
  28. Race in a sailing regatta
  29. Learn to ski
  30. Bathe an elephant
  31. Sail a dinghy
  32. Name a star
  33. Climb a volcano
  34. Release baby turtles into the ocean
  35. See salmon run
  36. Visit the lake district
  37. See an orca
  38. Sleep in a Yurt
  39. See a bear
  40. See a blue whale
  41. Swim with dolphins
  42. Swim with stingrays
  43. Swim with turtles
  44. See a solar eclipse
  45. Blow glass
  46. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
  47. Tiedye some clothing
  48. Go swimming fully clothed
  49. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  50. Go to a music festival
  51. Go on a cycling tour
  52. Learn to play guitar
  53. See a cirque de soleil show
  54. Learn how to draw using henna
  55. Go to a wimbledon match
  56. Dye my hair a crazy colour
  57. Get makeup done professionally
  58. Wear no makeup for a month
  59. Throw a dress up party
  60. Spend the day at a spa
  61. Get a massage
  62. Charter a yacht
  63. Send a letter in a bottle
  64. Drink fresh coconut water
  65. Own a beehive
  66. Catch a fish
  67. Make pasta
  68. Leave a 100% tip for a waiter
  69. Be a tourist in my own country
  70. Go canoeing
  71. Skinny dip
  72. Stay awake for 24 hours
  73. Stand up Paddle-board
  74. Snorkel
  75. Scuba dive
  76. Waterski
  77. Ride a tuk tuk
  78. Toboggan
  79. Visit all 7 continents
  80. Zip line
  81. Hot air balloon
  82. Climb to the top of a tree
  83. Storm chase
  84. Hold a tarantula
  85. Walk on a black-sand beach
  86. Meet someone famous
  87. Make a blog

Go get ’em!

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